Starting over paleo

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So I've got the first cold I've gotten in many, many months. This winter was the first ever where I wasn't really ill all the time - no lingering chest infections and multi-week cough, no weakness and lethary and pneumonia. It feels good to be healthy.

But stuck at a too-high weight, basically where I've been since coming back from honeymoon in September. It's time to start over.

I've got eight months before we try to get pregnant. If I'm going to get in shape ever, this is the best time. And if I'm going to have a healthy and fit pregnancy, I need to start now. And if I'm going to be a super-hot mom - ditto.

So current weight: 143 lbs, fluctuating.
Goal weight: 124 lbs, I think.

Need to re-do my measurements.
Need start pictures.

I logged my food on Daily Burn this evening and am within all my goals... except I had a brownie. Can't believe the carb ratio came out ok with that included, hilarious.

I'm taking it easy likely til Monday as we're in Folkestone for the weekend, but then back to exercise. MY deal with myself is that if I can get through 2 rounds of my 'do at home crossfit' than I'm allowed to sign up to the gym again.

I want to be stronger than this. I feel healthy for the first time in my life and now want to get fit and have a body that matches how I feel.

Lewis Black on Milk and Water

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Thanks to Freetheanimalcom:

Another immune system disorder bites the dust...

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G7 Stories - Veronica Garza from G7 Athletics on Vimeo.


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I need to reorganize around here and get rid of all the dead stuff, but --- I'm back, finally.

Post-wedding my motivation for crossfit was dead zero. A combination of factors. Tired and a bit overwhelmed, well unhealthy and full of weeks' worth of heavier foods and waaay more alcohol than I needed to be drinking, and just wanting some time to have no To Do lists.  This was fine. A week of this would have been fine. Two weeks was not. Three weeks was DEFINITELY NOT. And then all raring to go, feeling like I was ready to start again on the last Monday of the month, Steve and I got dosed again.

It happened at the wedding too, about four days before. Feeling great, energized, happy, elated -- and then BOOM out of nowhere, exhausted, weak, hurting, ill.  And found out that the bulgar wheat Steve's sis bought for us -- which often doesn't have any actual wheat in it, despite the name - was wheaty.  And that dose knocked us both out and made me konk asleep that night to the sleep of the dead, wake up fevery and ill for a couple days, and then it was gone. The muscle scariness was a lot less scary when I figured out the cause and knew it would be out of my system soon.

So last Sunday, we find some awesome rye bread. Eat a bunch of it. Find out -- whoah nelly, that might have rye flour in it but the wheat flour is there something powerful.  I've been in bed the last two days rotating between normalish and pulling myself up the stairs in the house.

BUT. I went to crossfit today. I was weak and pathetic and took lots of breaks and didn't get anywhere close to finishing my massively scaled down workout, but I went. And I'm still jointy and weak and a bit of out of it, but at least I'm feeling like I haven't given up on my body, and I'm not feeling like I won't get back to crossfit, and I felt awesome just for showing up.

AND I find out that the gym has expanded loads while I was gone and now there's about a billion times to go and supplementary classes and all sorts of fun stuff. Can't wait to be back.


June 16th

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Yesterday was great. I love this shit.

Matt gave me loads of coaching pre-workout as I was needing help on both the strength section of the day and the WOD.

Warmup: 400m run and... some other stuff I've forgotten, will add.
Strength: Power cleans 5x3 - was supposed to be 40%, 50%, 60% of ORM but I was using this for form so just stuck with the green bar and at points some light weights.

15 overhead squats - done with 10kg, usually only did about 7 per set. Thought it was more important to have SOME weight on it than to be doing it with a training bar as otherwise you don't really nail the form, but my wrists are still weak and they'd start to tweak out after about 7 reps. Brian showed me how to keep the wrists straight (like a vertical fist) rather than bend at the wrist and that helped enormously.
400m run

Time was ridiculous. Not really sure, either 17 or 23min. Have forgotten when I started. :) So be it. This one was for form.

I'm so grateful I've got a place to go that makes me feel amazing, where someone will spend forty-five minutes making me confident I'll get the form right and won't break myself so I can focus on doing more and getting stronger. That kind of support is incredible. Thanks Matt, thanks crossfit.

Week whatever, back to it.

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After being broke and part-time employed for a few months, the job search is over and I'm back in the gym with the solvency to pay my fees. Ace.

Monday's workout was great, felt totally high afterwards and more myself than I have in weeks. I just don't function as well without exercise, and crossfit exercise is a whole other level.

Warm up: Run, row, skip until warm
mobility drills
Max reps pushups (15 girl pushups, so sad I've lost 'real' pushup ability)
Skill/ Strength: Deadlift
1st set of 5 reps at 40% of 1 rep max - did all these at green bar + 20kg to get form back.
2nd set of 5 reps at 50% of 1 rep max
3rd set of 5 reps at 60% of 1 rep max
WOD: 5 rounds for time:
10 thrusters (43kg) - green bar black when exhausted.
5 burpees - subbed some doubleunders at times.
100m sprint

Got through it with loads of substitutions, felt fantastic. Great to be there.

Week whatever, back to it.

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After being broke and part-time employed for a few months, the job search is over and I'm back in the gym with the solvency to pay my fees. Ace.

Monday's workout was great, felt totally high afterwards and more myself than I have in weeks. I just don't function as well without exercise, and crossfit exercise is a whole other level.

Workout's in my books but roughly:
Warmup - 400m sprint, pushups max (I've lost the ability to do real pushups and am back to girlpushups, 15 total), 5 ring dips to max (5 on red band, 3 on one lower? need to check).

Strength: 5 deadlifts at 40%, 50% 60% ORM.  Didn't max as I've been away from this on form so just did girlbar and 20kg.

Workout - 5FT
10 thrusters (green bar only on this, switched to black bar when exhausted)
5 burpees
100m sprint.

Got through it with loads of substitutions, felt fantastic. Great to be there.


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I've just returned from Easter break, pardon the interruption. Happy to say that many days of travel, alcohol, bad and occasionally wheaty food, scale weight hasn't changed more than a bit and should be taken care of by a few days of good eating to take off the bloat. I'm working from home today so no crossfit, but am planning a crossfit at home style workout and will be in the box tomorrow. Normal posting resumes then, I think.

I ate anti-paleo and all I got was this lousy scurvy

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This is a bit ridiculous, but check it out. I was checking pubmed to see if there have been any decent Vitamin D/immune system clinical trials, and accidentally stumbled upon a 1978 article from the Western Journal of Medicine that is essentially a case study in the effects of an anti-Paleo diet. A 43 year old woman walks into a bar/the University of California with skin lesions and a host of complaints from fatigue to depression. She gets batted around a bit until someone eventually asks about her diet. Lo and behold...

A dietary history showed that she had been on an elimination diet during the previous four years because certain "acid" foods caused stomach irritation. She had eaten no fruit or vegetables for the past two years and no meat for three months. Her diet consisted of milk, bread, distilled water, macaroni, spaghetti and pudding.
Diagnosis? She gave herself scurvy! Scurvy, for fuck's sake!

Yeah, I know. It's a case study. And essentially, she wasn't on just an anti-Paleo diet, she was on a diet that gave her no nutrients whatsoever. So it's a little baby bump for Paleo and protein and veggies.

Still awesome. Eat your meat lest you gets the scurvy, mates.

wheat free update - my skin rocks

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So based on a combination of factors ranging from my boy's quiet but very consistent urging, research on rheumatoid arthritis (which I have) and paleo reading, I've cut wheat out of my diet for the last three weeks.  There have been a few small bumps here and there but I've been pretty damned consistent with it.

Two weeks in, the very red-flush and bumps (as the scientists would say, keratosis pilaris) which has been on the sides of my face and upper arms my whole life started to disappear. It's now almost completely gone from my face - I wake up without any redness and the skin is now almost 100% smooth. Although my arms look the same (er, ew, kind of like this) and the redness hasn't disappeared, the skin is lots smoother and the bumpiness is really reduced.

A post on gluten and how this once-skeptic decided to cut it out of her diet is due soon, but just a nice little update. Red-free skin is awesome.